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So you want to learn Spanish online. Well, Spanish is regarded by experts as the easiest language in the world to learn and it’s the second most widely spoken language spoken after English. However, like everything new learning Spanish online is going to take some time until you get a handle on the vowel sounds. But once you get the sounds into your head you’ll find that your sentence structure and vocabulary will grow at a good pace. It’s important to first immerse  yourself in the Spanish culture before learning Spanish online. Best ways to do this are by watching Spanish movies with sub titles, reading Spanish magazines (or, rather looking at the photos) reading newspapers and going to your library and borrowing Spanish picture books.



learning Spanish Programs is an international resource to learn Spanish for people from all over the world. We run Spanish resources for students, executives, and families, as well as Spanish with purpose (business, medicine, etc.) courses. Our locations are in amazing places, with historical relevance.

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We will find a suitable accommodation for you, you will enjoy and get to know the culture and life of our city and we will even take care of airport transfers, insurance etc.  All of this guarantees that you will have an unforgettable experience.



Online Spanish Tutor copyWhen wanting to learn Spanish or any language for that matter you have to get down to the basics. With Spanish you have to learn the basics before you try to speak the language. This article will show you how to speak conversational Spanish in under two months if you understand Spanish basics. The first thing is to learn Spanish grammar well. I know this sounds daunting if you remember how frightening it was learning English grammar at school, but learning Spanish grammar isn’t as complex as English and if you dedicate yourself to it you’ll have it mastered in under a week or two. The reason learning grammar at the beginning is because as a Spanish learner if you don’t learn your grammar from the beginning you’ll be continuing going back to the grammar basics while you are progressing and this is wasting valuable time. If you’ve learned all the grammar rules at the beginning then all you have to learn from that point to be conversant in Spanish is vocabulary. If you are living in Calgary we have a Spanish tutor in Calgary too please visit https://www.worldwidespanishtutor.com/calgary-spanish-tutor/

The best way to begin learning Spanish is to find good online learning software that will take you through the grammar basics at your own pace. We’ve supplied some excellent software for this reason on this site. If you can find some Spanish people to converse with while you are learning this will truly be invaluable. Most people love teaching you their language so if you choose a good online Spanish teaching course plus to have a Spanish friend to practice with you’ll be stunned by your progress. I’ve known people to be quite proficient within two months of learning Spanish if they stick to the course and find a Spanish friend to converse with. Another tip is within said three weeks of learning, start reading some free Spanish newspapers online. Of course, at this early stage you’ll be struggling with reading but if you can keep it up it’s a great way of monitoring your progress. So, as you become more confident in Spanish the newspapers will be easier to read. So, as I said at the beginning, learn the basics over and over and you’ll have a great head start. Buena Suerte!   TIFFANY CLARK

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