Berlitz Spanish Review

berlitz spanish boxBerlitz Spanish is the best price point software for learning Spanish. While it might not boast all the technical speech recognition features of Rosetta Stone or Tell Me More Spanish, it’s a great program for helping someone with the basic understanding of the language brush up on their skills.

Note: The best Spanish learning software we reviewed for ease of use & conversational skills was Visual Link Spanish

Using Berlitz Spanish

Berlitz Spanish is a combination audio and PC course (similar to Rocket French). There’s a mix of audio files that can be listened to in the car, or on your MP3 player. The remaining of the course is done with desktop applications that help with vocabulary, and pronunciation.

I did come across some comments that the pronunciation portion of the program wasn’t the best, but again Berlitz Spanish is a price point product.

There’s a manual that comes with the program to get you started with navigating the software. It should be read before you dive into using it to learn Spanish.

Installing the program seems to be a breeze, I found no issues with anyone having trouble installing it on any newer versions of Windows.

Berlitz Spanish Website or check out Rocket Spanish

Verdict on Berlitz Spanish

If you’re looking to brush up on your Spanish then this program is very well priced. How ever you should have some basic knowledge and understanding of Spanish, since it’s not the best course for beginners.

I’d recommend Rocket Spanish over Berlitz Spanish for beginners who want to learn conversational Spanish and don’t really have anything to go on.

Visit Berlitz Spanish or our top audio course Rocket Spanish

Product Details

Company: Berlitz is a brand known to many who study languages, in the past serveral years it appears that their brand name has been licensed to create software products such as Berlitz Spanish Premier to lend some credibility to the product.

15 day full refund offered through Avanquest Software

Price: $39.95 from Avanquest Software

Berlitz Spanish Premier (for PC or MAC)

Goto Berlitz Spanish or check out Rocket Spanish our top choice for an Audio course