Learn to Speak Spanish Using a Self Study Spanish Language Course on your Computer

Learning to speak a second language takes more then just knowing how to speak a long list of words in that native language. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Spanish, French, or German. To be an effective communicator in a second language you need conversational skills.

You can accomplish this a couple of ways.

  • Private tutors
  • Night School Classes
  • Spanish Language Courses (specializing in
    conversational Spanish)

Having a native Spanish speaker teach you to speak the language, or better yet moving to a country where Spanish is the native language is likely the most effective method of learning conversational skills in Spanish.

How ever for the majority of us this just isn’t an option to up and move for a year, and private tutors cost a lot of money and require a lot of time.

So what’s the solution for those of us who want to learn Spanish well?

Want to Speak Conversational Spanish like a Native Speaker?

It’s possible without the drawn out classes and expensive tutors. Get your own tutor at home using this break through learning Spanish technique.

Visual Link Spanish

Visual Link Spanish using cutting edge techniques to teach you whats important. Sentences and phrases so you can communicate in Spanish.

Visit the official Visual Link Spanish Site or read our detailed Visual Link Spanish review

Spanish Language Courses

There are a ton of software and audio courses available on the Internet and at local depart and educational stores. How ever not all of these concentrate on teaching you conversational skills, many are just memorization products that will teach you long lists of words, but not teach you how to communicate with another Spanish speaking human.

I’m going to share with you two uniquely different Spanish language courses, one audio based, another software based that will help you learn to piece together you’re own Spanish sentences and be an effective communicator in the Spanish language.

Here’s a look at the top 2 Spanish language Courses.

First up Visual Link Spanish

visual link spanish boxThis is a unique software program that is broken down into over 200 interactive lessons. Each lesson is themed around a particular scenario you could find yourself in during a trip to a Spanish speaking country.


  • The Air Port
  • The Grocery Store
  • A restaurant etc.

The method is simple and to the point, the program will teach you a few basic phrases for each scenario and you can then mix and match different vocabulary words with the phrase you just learned.

Here’s an example:
The program will teach you how to say this phrase:

I want to go to the …

visual link spanish screen shot

Above is a screen shot of the Visual Link Spanish Program teaching you to say that Phrase.

Replace … with a variety of words such as movies, grocery store, bathroom, home, to work etc. The possibilities are endless when you learn this way because you’re learning the base phrase which is used in everyday life, and then mixing and matching vocabulary in and out of the sentence to get the information you need.

Next Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish isn’t as detailed as Visual Link Spanish. It’s an audio based Spanish language course so it’s far easier to use since you don’t need a computer. You can listen to the lessons in your car, or on your MP3 player each day on your commute to work.

The process of Rocket Spanish is still to teach you conversational skills not just memorize a huge vocabulary. For the price this is an awesome Spanish language course to get started with, and I like the fact that it’s easily used during your idle time through the day (i.e. Sitting in traffic in your car or on a bus).

There’s 12 hours of audio with the program, and each lesson, like with Visual link, concentrates on teaching you important phrases and conversational skills you can use in a Spanish speaking country.

I would recommend Rocket Spanish if you’re looking for a simple program to get started with, or a value option to Visual Link Spanish. How ever if you have the money and want to learn quickly Visual Link is the better Spanish language course to go with.

Visit the Official Visual Link Spanish Website or read our detailed Visual Link Spanish Review