Fluenz Spanish Review

fluenz box imageWhile Fluenz Spanish is a relatively new player in the Learn Spanish category, they have out done themselves with a fantastic first product. The first thing you notice is how pleasant Sonja, the host/guide for the program is as soon as you start.

Sonja is a native Spanish speaker, but her English is top notch, so there is no trouble understanding her.

Fluenz is very geared towards adult learning and is great for people looking to pickup basic Spanish for travel or for business purposes. How ever for younger adults, or those looking to learn some quick conversational phrases and key terms for Vacation I’d suggest checking out the best Spanish learning software we reviewed, Visual Link Spanish.

What Makes Fluenz Spanish Unique?

The first thing I noticed was that Fluenz Spanish runs totally off the CDROM, no install required this makes it simple to get the program and get started. It’s ideal for novice computer users.

The format of the lessons as well is unique. Fluenz has created a very positive learning environment not concentrating on what you get wrong, but giving you positive feedback on what you need to work on.

The approach is very interactive and focuses on teaching you vocabulary and conversational skills that are core to communicating in everyday situations. Especially for travel. This is evident in how the program starts off.

Instead of teaching you the Spanish words for animals like Cat and Dog, it teaches you more important words like Cell Phone or Air Plane. These are vocabulary terms you can use in everyday life in Spanish, rather then waiting until that day you’re on a farm and know the names of every animal in Spanish.

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Using Fluenz Spanish

The lessons follow a very logical format. Every lesson first starts with an introductory dialog (between two Spanish speaking individuals). This is then followed by a video tutorial that goes through everything word by word on what was happening in the dialog. The video covers points of grammar, vocabulary, comprehension etc.

After the video you are given exercises to practice writing and grammar, as well as spoken skills.

This style of learning is perfect for adults, as we do learn different then youth. The flash card games and such that are part of other popular Learn Spanish software are great for younger people, but Fluenz Spanish will teach you what’s important and faster then most other programs.

One key point about Fluenz is that each lesson focuses on an exact scenario in real life.

Example: Ordering a meal, Shopping, At an Airport

This ensures that what you’re spending your time learning is applicable in every day life.

Fluenz Spanish is designed to replicate a one-on-one tutoring situation. Everything in the program is meant to replicate you sitting down with a teacher that is instructing you personally.

The speed of the lessons is ideal for beginners, but not to slow for those that have some experience with Spanish. You can start from the very first lesson, or any where you like in the program. You have complete control over your navigation so you’re free to take lessons in a different order if you wish.

There are 30 lessons in Fluenz Spanish 1 and an additional 30 in version 2. There are also speech recognition portions to Fluenz Spanish which have you record your own voice and test your proficiency.

With both Fluenz Spanish 1 and 2 there are 2 audio CD’s as well to supplement your learning on the PC.

The layout of the program is one of the best, it’s simple and easy to understand. You can actually see a demo of their program on the Fluenz website (see link at top for demo, select Spanish) so you can test it to ensure you like the look and feel before you buy.

Verdict on Fluenz Spanish

This is the best Spanish language course for people looking to learn basic Spanish for everyday situations. The format of their lessons and teaching technology is one of the best, and it’s very easy to follow.

There is no wasted time learning phrases and vocabulary that isn’t important. Also Fluenz concentrates on teaching you speaking, reading and writing. The price point is fair, and if you buy both Fluenz Spanish 1 and 2 at the same time you get a considerable discount.

You can see on their website that some of the largest Fortune 500 companies use Fluenz to teach Spanish to their employees. My take is if it’s good enough for HP, Aveda, or Microsoft then it’s good enough to teach me!

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Product Details

Company: Fleunz is a newer language learning company. They offer their “red box” software for Spanish, French, Italian, and Mandarin with more coming soon. They have pioneered a new way to teach languages. Their website is www.fluenz.com where you can purchase any of their products and get support.

Guarantee: 30 Day refund policy when bought from Fluenz.com website

Price: $218 is the price for Fluenz Spanish 1. You can also purchase Fluenz 1 and 2 for $357.

Versions: Fluenz 1, Fluenz 2, both MAC and PC versions available

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