Instant Immersion Spanish Review

instant immersion spanish boxInstant Immersion Spanish seems to be a great program, but it just needs a bit more organization. It offers simply awesome speech recognition features, similar to Tell Me More Spanish, how ever the different features and applications in the program are spread out across different discs, making it some what cumbersome and annoying to sit down and just study for 30-60 minutes at a time.

What Makes Instant Immersion Spanish Unique?

The program offers great value for what you get. PC games and applications to help with vocabulary, audio CD’s to use as supplemental learning, and a great progress tracking system. For the price it’s probably the most fully featured learn Spanish program we’ve reviewed.

Instant Immersion Spanish has a little bit of everything. Grammar and writing skills, conversation practice with the speech recognition features, and pronunciation tools to ensure you learn to speak just a native Spanish speakers do.

Instant Immersion Spanish really offers a little bit of what every other Learn Spanish software has to offer.

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Using Instant Immersion Spanish

This is where the program sort of falls on it’s face. Unfortunately navigating and finding all the different parts of Instant Immersion Spanish might not be for the novice PC user. Some things seem to be hidden in difficult to find menus, and you need to switch back fourth between different applications (sometimes even change discs) in order to practice or learn particular areas of Spanish.

There isn’t a straight forward do this then that with Instant Immersion Spanish, unlike Tell Me More Spanish or Rosetta Stone Spanish.

While there is a progress tracker included, I think the wide range of features that Instant Immersion Spanish offers is actually a negative rather then a positive. You just have to many options to learn, without enough guidance.

Verdict on Instant Immersion Spanish

As far as features and price go Instant Immersion Spanish is a top notch program. How ever I’d have to say that due to the lack of direction in the product it’s not the easiest program to learn Spanish with, especially if you’re a beginner.

If you have an intermediate understanding of Spanish then the speech recognition and other areas of the software would likely be a great help. How ever if you’re a beginner I recommend checking out either Rosetta Stone Spanish, or Rocket Spanish.

Both of these programs offer more structure then Instant Immersion Spanish, and as a beginner will help you learn the basics faster.

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Product Details

Company: Topics Entertainment is the company and creator of Instant Immersion Spanish. They create a variety of branded software and education PC product. There software is only available via resellers such as they do not retail products directly from their website.

Guarantee: Information was not available

Price: $30.99 from

Versions: Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe v3.0, Instant Immersion Spanish v3.0, Instant Immersion Spanish Platinum

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