Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

learning spanish like crazy imageLearning Spanish Like Crazy is a complete audio course, that is some what based on the Pimsleur method. Although from consumer reviews, and research it appears to have taken the positive parts of Pimsleur Spanish and improved on them.

The course is available as both a downloaded audio course or in a hard copy by ordering the actual CD’s. There is quite a price savings if you opt to purchase the downloaded version.

What Makes Learning Spanish like Crazy Unique?

This audio course is heavily based on teaching you vocabulary, but not just random words and phrases. Learning Spanish Like Crazy focuses on what’s important for communication in Spanish.

Commands, Phrases, and everyday words used all the time are what is taught.

The quality of the audio lessons is top notch, no back ground noise which makes it easy to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player as well as in the car.

The instruction given starts with English for the first two lessons, but quickly moves to Spanish to immerse you in the Language. Rather then just learning words, and translations you’re taught to understand the lessons there by increasing your comprehension of listening to Spanish as well as speaking it.

The narrator of all the audio lessons is a native Spanish speaker so the pronunciation is exact.

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Using Learning Spanish like Crazy

The lessons move at a very good pace, simple lessons and concepts are left for you to understand but difficult items which might leave students questioning are given brief explanations to expand on the concept.

This is a nice feature, so that you can listen to and comprehend and entire lesson without need additional reference material.

Each lesson builds on the next, and they are in a very logical order. Increasing difficulty as you learn. This program is best to teach people not only how to listen and understand Spanish, but also to speak with a similar accent as Native American’s who’s first language is Spanish.

Verdict on Learning Spanish Like Crazy

This is a top notch audio course for learning Spanish. It’s a toss up which I like more Rocket Spanish or Learn Spanish Like Crazy. I appreciate the fact that you’re taught authentic pronunciation which will help in real world application.

Also everything is on CD so you can complete the entire Spanish language course from an MP3 player or in your car. The only negative I see to Learning Spanish Like Crazy is that there isn’t any real printed material with the course. How ever there are a bunch of bonuses available.

If you want to learn authentic Spanish portably in audio format then I don’t think I can give you any reason why Learning Spanish Like Crazy isn’t a good option. All consumer comments I read suggested it was a fabulous program that taught them better then some more expensive software and audio courses.

If you’re interested in using a software program rather then an audio course to learn I suggest you check out the best Spanish software we reviewed.

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Product Details

Company: Learning Like Crazy is the company behind Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Patirck Johnson is the creator of the product, and they have a version 1 and 2 of Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

Guarantee: 60 Day money back guarantee on the downloaded course

Price: $99 for the downloaded course with 20 hours of lessons, or $247 for the CD version plus S

Versions: Learning Spanish Like Crazy Ver 1, Learning Spanish Like Crazy Ver 2

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