Pimsleur Spanish Review

pimseur spanish imagePimsleur Spanish claims you need to learn Spanish the same way you learned to speak English when you were a child. There was no verb conjugation etc. to be done then, so they don’t “waste” time teaching it to you in Pimsleur Spanish either.

Pimsleur Spanish was developed based on the studies and concepts of Dr. Pimsleur, a linguistic specialist who was fluent in several languages. His studies proved that we learn languages easiest in small chunks. So each Pimsleur Spanish lesson is only 30 minutes long.

This length is enough to get your brain going, but not to long as to overwhelm you.

The entire Pimsleur Spanish language course is an audio course. So it’s ideal for those that are on the go, and those who like to learn audibly.

The emphasis in every lesson, and the overtone of the entire program is to learn important words and phrases but not to fill your vocabulary with lots of words that aren’t used in everyday conversation.

NOTE: I like this teaching style, it’s similar to Visual Link Spanish’s approach, we rated it the best Spanish learning software because of the way it teaches.

This is an important point, for those that are learning Spanish for travel, or Business there often isn’t a need to have mastery over every single word. What’s important is that you can communicate with other Spanish speaking individuals.

Using Pimsleur Spanish

As stated, the concentration is on learning every day usable Spanish. Pimsleur Spanish starts by teaching you common phrases and words. Then it moves to teach you how to form sentences and more complex phrases for everyday communication.

Pimsleur focuses on what they call the core vocabulary and forcing you to think in Spanish by asking you regular everyday questions and you having to reply in Spanish.

For Example the question might be asked in Spanish: Are you going to work today?

There would be a pause in the audio and you would then reply in Spanish based on what you have learned thus far. Pimsleur Spanish will then reply with what should be the correct answer after the pause so you will be able to gauge your progress.

The vocabulary taught focuses on what Pimsleur calls “function words”. These are the words that most often relate to human activity and interaction. By ensuring you know these words well you can more easily start using your new knowledge faster.

The quality of the audios is top notch. There is no back ground noise, and if you’re technically inclined you could easily rip the audios off of the CD’s for use on an MP3 player or iPod. The lessons are designed so that in only 30 minutes a day you can become proficient in Spanish.

Verdict on Pimsleur Spanish

Pimsleur is a well recognized name in language learning, possibly one of the best. Pimsleur Spanish is proof that this is one of the best audio courses available. Of course, not everyone enjoys learning from audio cd’s for those of you would like seeing things a software package might be better.

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Product Details

Company: Pimsleur is a top rated language learning company. Their methods are based on those by Dr. Pimsleur, a recognized linguistic professional. They offer language products in Spanish, French, Italian and more.

Guarantee: No Guarantee or Refund was found on the pimsleur-language.com website.

Price: Pimsleur Spanish 1 sells for $197.00

Versions: Pimsleur Spanish Comprehensive Version 1, 2 and 3

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