Power Glide Spanish Review

power glide logoPower Glide Spanish is the leading developer and provider of age specific and school related Spanish lessons. There programs are offered both online and in CD ROM format. While the Power Glide website suggests that their learn Spanish courses are only for K-12 the High School Spanish courses would also be ideal for adult learning.

NOTE: Power Glide is now known as PowerSpeaK12, they still offer the same fantastic programs and language learning options online just with a new name. The rest of this review does refer to Power Glide but PowerSpeak12 is the same offering.

What Makes Power Glide Spanish Unique?

First off, being an accredited language instructional company is a big plus. This gives huge credibility to the quality of their lessons and the topics covered. How ever, the next best thing is the teach support they offer with any program purchase.

When you purchase a a Spanish language course from Power Glide you have the option of adding a Certified Teacher assistant to your purchase. This more or less provides you with one-on-one tutoring for the course work you’re about to learn. This makes learning Spanish on your own as effective as taking it from a private tutor.

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Using Power Glide Spanish

Similar to other Learn Spanish Software Power Glide Spanish uses a variety of videos, games, and audio to teach you. The goal of each course is to bring you to a conversational level in Spanish, not memorization of words, grammar, and vocabulary.

This makes Power Glide an ideal program for anyone looking to actually learn Spanish as a second language and not just learn some phrases to get by.

Each course includes a suggested pace calendar. It breaks what you should be learning down into daily lessons and items to do. Of course there is no requirement that you work on it every single day, but your Spanish will improve much faster the more time you spend on the lessons.

Verdict on Power Glide Spanish

For a student that’s in grade school who’s looking for assistance with what they’re learning in school Power Glide Spanish is my top pick. Since it follows a similar curriculum it’s as good as hiring a private tutor.

For individuals wanting to learn Spanish the High School level courses are very thorough. The multi media approach might seem a bit childish to some adults, but the techniques used to teach are solid. The only down fall is the price might seem a bit steep when compared to similar programs like Visual Link Spanish or Tell me More Spanish. For another option I suggest checking out the best Spanish software we found

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Product Details

Company: Power Glide is now known as PowerSpeak12 they are an accredited online Language educator offering course credit language classes for grades K-12.

Guarantee: Power Glide Spanish offers a 30 day Money back Guarantee when purchased from their website.

Price: $199.99 is the cost of a single semester course in High school Level Spanish

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