Rocket Spanish Review - an Indepth look at this Spanish audio course.

rocket spanish image Rocket Spanish is the premiere online Audio course to learn Spanish. It’s mentioned and reviewed on more sites then any other learn Spanish course, and since it’s an online program you get immediate possession of it by downloading it from the website.

NOTE: We’ve rated Rocket Spanish the best Spanish audio learning course, if you’re interested in a software program check out the best Spanish learning software program we reviewed.

What Make Rocket Spanish Unique?

Unlike other learn Spanish software titles, Rocket Spanish is more of an audio course. It’s main goal is in teaching you useful phrases and words for conversational Spanish. If you’re looking for a program that gets into writing, and spelling then this isn’t the Spanish program for you.

There are over 12 hours of audio which you can listen to in your car or on an MP3 player. Rocket Spanish is an extremely portable course that is great for people on the go.

The greatest feature of Rocket Spanish is it’s teaching methods. It’s fast and to point, there are no long drawn out repetition or memorization parts to the course. It’s all geared towards teaching you what you need to communicate in Spanish, not become an expert on the language.

What Others are Saying about Rocket Spanish

“I think the course is great and it’s pretty fun taking the lessons this way. If you are on a budget I would recommend this product definitely.”
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” Will you learn in the three months that they claim you will? Depends on your level of commitment. Some will learn faster than others. But the bottom line is, you will learn.”
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Using Rocket Spanish

There isn’t a lot that needs to be installed on your PC for Rocket Spanish. There are several applications and games to help you with your vocabulary and test your knowledge (414 activities and games to be exact).

The flash card game is useful and enjoyable. It helps you learn everyday items that are useful for everyday settings such as shopping, greeting new people etc.

The audio series is simple to follow, and is broken up into manageable lessons. You can easily digest one lesson a day on your way to work in the car. also the simple layout of the program allows you to easily go back to review certain parts of the course if need be.

Verdict On Rocket Spanish

While Rocket Spanish isn’t the most detailed course it’s probably the best program for the money to teach you phrases and words that are used more often in every day conversation. Also I think if you’re an audible learner it’s probably the best Spanish language course out there.

The price point is half of most of the popular software programs, so it’s a lot easier on the pocket book. My verdict is if you’re looking to learn Spanish fast then Rocket Spanish is the best program for the job.

If you’ve got several months to learn then you might consider Tell Me More Spanish.

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Product Details

Company: Rocket Languages (www rocketlanguages com) is the parent company that makes and markets Rocket Spanish. They also have Rocket Language courses for German, Japanese, French and more.

Guarantee: There is a 60 day money back guarantee on Rocket Spanish. You’ve got nothing to lose giving it a try.

Price: $99.95 is the price of the download version of Rocket Spanish, there is also a CD version for $299.95 + $49.95 S&H. The downloaded course if more popular.

Versions: Rocket French, and Rocket French CD Version

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