Rosetta Stone Spanish Review

Rosetta Stone Spanish is one of the top learn Spanish programs available today. The teaching format used by Rosetta Spanish makes it fun and appealing to learn to speak Spanish in an immersion fashion, the same way you learned to speak English as a child.

What Makes Rosetta Stone Spanish Different

The course doesn’t use memorization or continual repetition (like other learn Spanish software) to teach you. Instead you learn everything in context with images, videos, and flash cards.

There is a pronunciation feature which uses a headset microphone (included with the package) to record you speaking. You can then hear yourself back, and Rosetta Stone Spanish analyzes your progress. There is a lot of weight placed on pronunciation to ensure you learn to speak Spanish as a native speaker would.

Each lesson builds on your understanding of the language, and while some parts may be challenging it’s in a fun way that pushes you to improve your Spanish skills.

What others are saying about Rosetta Stone Spanish

Awesome product. It is complete immersion thus making the learning process fun and difficult at the same time. I have learned a significant amount of spanish already and I am only halfway done with the first cd.”
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“This product is great! It exceeded my expectations by having a voice activated option which allows you to speak to the computer and have your pronunciation recognized.”
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Using Rosetta Stone Spanish

The install of the program is very straight forward, no problems there. Once you start up the software it’s easy to get started.

Rosetta Stone has developed a very straight forward Spanish lesson plan. One of my complaints about some programs is they don’t guide you through their lessons you’re left wondering what lesson to do next. This often leads to not learning anything or just getting frustrated

30-60 minutes a day with Rosetta Stone Spanish would be a good amount of time to immerse yourself in the lesson content, but not to much to overload your brain.

There is additional course content available online from Rosetta Stone. The majority of this content is aimed at helping your writing and spelling skills in Spanish. The software itself focuses mainly on speaking and pronunciating.

Verdict on Rosetta Stone Spanish

Overall Rosetta Stone Spanish a more efficient and entertaining alternative to learning Spanish by taking classes. The focus is on learning conversational Spanish, and you’re not forced into doing boring memorization and repetition.

From all of my research the consumer comments around the web all give Rosetta Stone Spanish two thumbs up, and I have to agree with them. With this program all you need to do is put the time in to learn Spanish and you’re on your way.

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Product Details

Company: Rosetta Stone sells a wide range of language learning products including: Spanish, French, Japanese, German and more. You can purchase their products from

Guarantee: If you purchase Rosetta Stone Spanish Level I, II, or III from their website you receive a 6 month (180 day) money back guarantee.

Price: Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin American) Level I sells for $219.99. There are also packages available with Levels 1, 2 and 3 available. You can also add the audio companion to any purchase for $40.

Versions: Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1, Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 2, Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 3, Rosetta Stone Spanish Audio companion

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