Tell Me More Spanish Review

tell me more spanish box imageIf you’re ready to learn Spanish then Tell Me More Spanish is a great choice to learn from your PC. With over 950 hours of dynamic lesson content, an included head set microphone for speech recognition a bunch of customization features, Tell Me More Spanish is one of the top rated Spanish learning programs we’ve reviewed.

What Makes Tell Me More Spanish Different?

There are two key things about Tell Me More language programs that stand out to me. The first is the fact that there are four unique learning levels.

  • complete beginner
  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced

Where you start your learning depends on which one of these categories you fit into. They’re based on how many years you’ve been studying the language (starting with never studied Spanish with complete beginner).

The next feature I love about Tell Me More Spanish is you have two options for learning with the program. The first is following the lessons as they’re meant to be done. The second is picking and choosing what you want to learn then allowing Tell Me More where you could use improvement based on quizzes and audio tests.

Tell Me More Spanish will actually suggest areas you could use improvement in and then suggest lessons you should do to improve those areas.

What others are saying about Tell Me More Spanish

“I learned beginner Spanish in a month with 3-4 hours a day with this program, it saved me a semester of school.”
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“TELL ME MORE is extremely fun, bordering on Addicting, and the feedback it provides throughout all facets of learning inspire you to grow and achieve more in the language.”
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Using Tell Me More Spanish

Installation of Tell Me More Spanish is straight forward, most beginner computer users could handle it no problem. As mentioned above when you first start you determine what level you want to learn at (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and how you want to learn, either by following lessons or having Tell Me More Spanish suggesting what lessons will help you improve.

There are several speech recognition parts to the program. These help you with pronunciation of words, and Tell me More Spanish will help correct errors you make.

Also there are portions of the software where you can have an actual dialog in Spanish with the computer. This is the only software of it’s kind that I’ve seen which will converse with students.

The functionality, and features of Tell Me More Spanish are the best I’ve reviewed.

Verdict on Tell Me More Spanish

Tell Me More has created the most advanced Spanish Lesson product I’ve seen. For those serious about learning Spanish this is the product to get. The speech recognition, and ability to have the program tell you where you need improvement ensures you don’t get bored with lessons you don’t need to take.

The program is on the expensive side, but it’s a lot cheaper then taking classes. If you’re willing to spend 30-60 minutes a day on learning Spanish then Tell Me More Spanish is a great product to get.

The best Spanish learning software we found for easy conversational lessons was Visual Link Spanish, it would the be the other software worth considering besides Tell Me More Spanish.

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Product Details

Company: Tell Me More sells a variety of language learning products including Spanish, French, German and more. All of their titles are available at

Guarantee: Tell Me More provides a 90 day money back Guarantee when you purchase from the There is also a Free Trial section available via a link at the top of their home page.

Price: $249.99 for Tell Me More Spanish Premium, this includes all 4 levels of the Tell me More Spanish series.

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