The Best Spanish Software – The Lazy Way to Learn Spanish Like a Native Speaker

With Spanish learning software becoming readily available more people then ever are learning a second language whether it be for pleasure, travel or business. Unfortunately not all software titles will teach you to speak Spanish as well as another.

It’s important that you find the best Spanish software to teach you what’s important, so that you feel confident to speak with a native Spanish speakers when the time comes.

In this article I want to cover what’s important in a piece of Spanish learning software, then cover two of the best Spanish learn software packages available.

Who Else Wants to Learn Spanish like a Native Spanish Speaker?

It’s possible and without long drawn out classes or tutoring. Get your own tutor at home using this cutting edge speech recognition Spanish Learning Software.

Tell Me More Spanish

Tell Me More integrates cutting edge speech recognition with interactive video and computer based lessons to teach you how to speak conversation Spanish just like a Native Speaker.

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What You need to Learn

Some software boasts how many words you can learn, you’ll have a huge vocabulary. How ever this isn’t what’s important when it comes to learning to speak Spanish.

More important then a vocabulary is learning everyday common phrases and questions, as well as being able to understand the answers to those questions.

Focus on Spanish software that teaches you everyday conversational phrases rather then a huge vocabulary.

The second important thing you need to learn is pronunciation. Knowing what a word or phrase is and being able to articulate it to a native Spanish speaker are two different things. The best Spanish software will ensure you build a solid foundation of conversational skills as well as pronunciation.

The Best Program for the Job

tell me more spanish box
Tell me More Spanish is by far the best program to teach you Spanish on a computer. Their system is based around teaching you conversational skills as well as vocabulary. The program offers unique learning levels for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

On top of the different learning levels Tell me more Spanish also has two routes for going about using their lessons. The first is following the lessons straight through one at a time, the second is picking and choosing lessons as you feel like taking them.

The program has a built in function that will quiz you on your current level and suggest lessons that you should take that will help improve the areas where you’re weak.

So Tell me More has the conversational portion covered how about pronunciation?

This is the best Spanish software for pronunciation. Why? Because it does everything by speech recognition. You speak into a microphone and the software lets you know how well you pronounced the words and where you need to improve. There’s actually a portion of the program where you have a dialog with the PC in Spanish.

By far Tell me more Spanish is the Best Spanish learning software on the market.

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Visual Link Spanish

visual link spanish imageNow the runner up to the best Spanish software (you can actually test the videos online here). Visual link Spanish was developed by a former Spanish teacher at the college level. He developed the system because he was tired of his students not learning more conversational skills and rather just memorizing words and grammar.

The lessons are 200 interactive videos and activities that grow your understanding of basic Spanish language and important themes. For example, one area might focus on being in an air port, while the next might focus on being in a grocery store.

Following this method ensures you learn important phrases and words for everyday use in every day situations.

I like Visual Link because of it’s simplicity and it teaches you to construct your own sentences and phrases. In my opinion this part of visual link is better then Tell me more Spanish. How ever Tell Me more Spanish has a superior method for teaching pronunciation.

Between the two of these programs if you choose to use either of them you’ll be well on your way to learning conversational Spanish in no time!