Transparent Language Spanish Review

transparent language spanish boxTransparent Language complete Spanish Learning Suite is a variety of tools to help you master vocabulary and pronunciation using a variety of games, videos, audios, and speech recognition. Is the product worth considering against all the other learn Spanish programs available? Let’s find out.

What Makes Transparent Language Spanish Unique?

The first thing that strikes you about Transparent Language Spanish is the variety of different applications they have to accomplish what you learn. For example there are separate programs for grammar basics, and another for Alphabet reference.

These programs are installed as separate programs, but can be launched all from inside the one application.

The video portion of the program is useful, along with the speech recognition feature. All in all I don’t think there is anything that stands out to make Transparent Language Spanish program unique other then the fact that they seem to have a bit of everything from all the top programs in the market.

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Using Transparent language Spanish

As mentioned above there are several different applications you use while using Transparent Languages Spanish learning suite. While the educational value is there, it can be a bit cumbersome to navigate through the program.

The teaching methods, and what they focus on in the software is solid. A big part of the vocabulary you will learn in Transparent Spanish is phrases that are important in everyday situations i.e. Meeting new people, being at an airport, going to a restaurant.

The games included with the software are helpful, the Flash card game is great for improving vocabulary and learning important words. There isn’t a lot of time spent teaching you words that you wouldn’t use in conversational everyday Spanish.

One downfall I noticed about Transparent Language Spanish is that there doesn’t appear to be a straight forward lesson plan as many of the other programs have. There are lots of options to learn, but you’re more or less left on your own to decide what you want to spend your time doing.

Verdict on Transparent Language Spanish Learning Suite

The concept is great, there are a ton of features but instead of using just one application to accomplish them all they’ve pieced together several. This is a strike against Transparent Language for me. Also the lack of a formal lesson plan, or at least the option for the software to suggest what games or lessons you should be following makes it difficult to get the maximum benefit out of the software.

Over all I think Transparent Language Spanish is a good price point program for learning the basics in different areas, or as a supplemental software program to classroom courses. Although for a similar price I might consider Visual Link Spanish.

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Product Details

Company: Transparent Language operates and The produce software to learn over 70 different languages all available from their online shop.

Guarantee: Transparent Language offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all software bought from their store. There is information and contact numbers available in their online knowledge base for how to request a refund.

Price: $119.95 is the price on the Complete Spanish Learning Suite from Transparent Language.

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