Visual Link Spanish Review

visual link Spanish box imageVisual Link Spanish is the answer to your conversational Spanish needs. There is little time spent on conjugation, grammar, vocabulary and other structural parts of the language. Instead Visual Link Spanish spends it’s time teaching you to build literally thousands of combination’s of correct sentences for a variety of every day situations.

Because of it’s ease of use for all skill levels and teaching methods we’ve chosen Visual Link to be the best Spanish learning software. You can take it for a test drive with the free lessons offered on their website, just sign up with your Name & Email and you’ll get them immediately.

What Makes Visual Link Spanish Unique?

First of all , Visual Link Spanish was 8 years in the development. The developer is a university level Spanish teacher, and he recognized that while he was teaching students a lot about the technical aspects of Spanish few were actually able to carry on a conversation.

What David Clark (the university instructor we’re talking about) realized is that memorization of words isn’t effective. What’s effective is teaching students to build sentences that are important to a conversational setting.

So what makes Visual Link Different? It’s a program that spends 100% of it’s time teaching you to assemble your own phrases rather then memorizing particular words and vocabulary. This way you’re actually able to think in Spanish and converse as you learn.

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Using Visual Link Spanish

The program itself is primarily Videos. There are over 200 interactive Spanish lessons and activities available ( you can see some example free lesson on their website here). Each lesson focuses on a particular theme. Every theme is focused on particular survival phrases, basic needs, and simple communication.

For example: In the first lesson of Visual Link Spanish you will learn how to say “I want to go” then there will be a variety of other items you can fill in for the end of the sentence such as

  • to the bathroom
  • to the movies
  • to work
  • See the image below for a screen shot of Lesson 1 for a better explanation of how visual Link Spanish teaches you every day phrases in an easy to understand form.

    sample visual link screen shot

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    On top of the 200 interactive lessons and activities there are also 10 audio cd’s included. These are great for supplemental lessons to what comes on the CD-ROM’s. You can use these in your car, or for the tech savvy you could rip the audio files to your MP3 player as well.

    Other activities included for use on your PC besides the lessons shown in the example image above are: Review games, Verbal Quizzes, Written practice quizzes, Pronunciation Lessons, Vocabulary Review lessons.

    Visual Link Spanish provides a very versatile array of methods for you to learn. So while the main concept of their lessons is teaching you important phrases there is plenty of material included that will help you with written Spanish as well as pronunciation.

    Verdict on Visual Link Spanish

    While Visual Link may not be as “high tech” as some of the other software programs to Learn Spanish with. I think their methods are solid. The concept of teaching you how to construct simple phrases for everyday life is probably the fastest way to immerse yourself in a new language.

    After all, a lot of the vocabulary you learn in other programs isn’t really useful all the time. If you’re someone who travels and wants to learn Spanish or wants to get the basics down fast I think Visual Link Spanish is a great choice.

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